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Digital Kompetens i Styrelse och Ledning

FREE Seminar Shows You How To Build And Use A Digital Strategy To Grow Your Business.

September 4th (12:00-16:00) | Malmö

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Why Attend?

Wondering if it is worthwhile attending this Seminar? Click to play the video and listen to past participants. Each Seminar has its own flavour. We cover how the basics of buying psychology drive your business and digital strategy. In addition, during this seminar in September we're going to go a step further. We will bring many of the digital strategy concepts to life and walk you through the digital strategy journey. Then you can see exactly how digital can work for your business right now. 

Seminar Speakers 

The Seminar will be led by Edward Nugent and Givi Kokaia. We also plan to have a guest speaker who has attended a previous seminar and implemented some of the principles we will discuss. 

Edward Nugent

Designer of Digital Scorecard 


Givi Kokaia

Consultant with Kunskapspartner 

Guest Speaker

A local business that has worked with the principles presented at the seminar. 

A Summary

We'll share with you

The psychology secrets behind why customers buy (and why they don’t) — giving you a deep understanding of the customer journey

How to future-proof your business using digital tools, techniques, and software — and build them into an effective digital strategy 

A simple system to develop your own digital strategy — starting from where you are now, and giving you access to digital experts who can help you

How to get ahead with digital, so you can lead the way in your industry (don’t risk getting left behind)

From multinationals to solopreneurs, this event has proven to be valuable to all. From manufacturing to service to state entities to charities - there is value for all. And the reason it resonates so much with a wide audience? One key is that the focus is understanding digital from a sales and business growth perspective. The other is that we focus on people and why they buy.

With only 40 spaces available, demand will be high. The March Seminar was over-subscribed. We’ll allocate places to suitable businesses on a first-come, first-served basis — so apply now and don’t get left behind.  

In their own words, the best part for past attendees?

The topics are very interesting. Also appreciate that many years of experience lies behind the ideas.

Great discussions.

I think the Digital scorecards really made me understand the power of working digital integrated in the business strategy

The interaction and discussions how other think in their companies

The practicality of it, the tactics and strategies can be used.

To get a suggestion of a structure we could deploy when developing a strategy for digitisation and to have that structure being based in the customer psychology.

The introduction to the sales process was exactly what I needed (but didn't know I did)

Was a good set up and answered the questions that I had in an interesting way.

New learnings 

Big knowledge and good interactive seminar

Got good overall understanding of what digitalisation is and what is important. Made me start thinking alot :)

The first part where Ed went through his slides. I brought with me a lot back to my colleagues

Get inspired, meet & listen to others, participate in discussion, reflections, hear what is going on within topic

What Past Participants Said After Attending

It really lived up to my expectations, good info before the event, very professional vibe through the whole seminar and good follow up and easy next step.

Gives you an ”aha” of how its all connected and the different step

First time I've heard a marketing based strategy to REALLY be based on the customer purchase psychology

Very results-oriented and useful tools to get going with first action straight away.  

It exceeded my expectations. The speakers were very knowledgeable about the subject!

I have already recommended it to two persons

New angles to see things from

High value in form of great content presented

The tool/structure. The logic to go through the customer journey and map activities and compare with the underlying boxes. That picture is what I will bring with me and use.

I think the event was very valuable from a content perspective but especially to seek inspiration on the topic to avoid sitting in a "glas bell" trying to think & solve ourselves

Seminar Location

  • Seminar Address: Skånevåningen hos oss på Region Skåne, Dockplatsen 26, 211 74 Malmö

You can reach out to us if you have any questions about the Seminar. But don't forget to book your place as spaces are limited. 

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