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Malmö, Tuesday 14th Nov 2023 (09:00 - 17:00)



The Grow Your Online Sales Summit in Malmo is a unique event run by business owners dedicated to small & medium size businesses (SME/SMF). The Summit will show you how local business people have implemented Digital in their business. They will share their experiences with you on the day.

From inspiring stories to insider tips and advice, The Summit aims to strengthen the advancement of small and medium size businesses.

The Summit will be held in central Malmo. We will use a mix of English and Swedish, you can speak your language.

Summit Sessions - morning

Our Summit features an extensive lineup of business owners and managers who are thriving in their industry and willing to share their experience with Digital implementation.

Session 1

Taking Control
Gunnel Smedstad, Owner of MBTskor, Sverige will highlight her journey to taking control of their e-commerce and how this has paid off including using the knowledge in other businesses.

Session 2

GDPR is your friend
Julianne and Daniel will highlight how GDPR is not a burden but useful for all businesses. They will also highlight some things to consider as a business owner with tangible recommendations.

Session 3

Data Visualisation
We are truly in the data age but how can a small business really benefit? This is what this session is all about including how to visualise data for decision making.

Session 4

Your Tribe for Sales
Cecilia Alatalo, owner of AliceDot will show you how she connects with her customers and uses email for sales. Also why it is the sales channel of choice for successful e-commerce.

Session 5

Getting better leads
This can be done with survey funnels by both consumer and business facing companies. We will illustrate examples as well as why survey funnels are the sales method of choice for so many.

Session 6

Building a Sales System
This session will focus mainly on how to get engagement and build your sales pipeline. It will also include getting perspective on your business and why that drives sales.

You can enjoy lunch (included in the price) and mingle with other participants as well as the speakers.

Summit Sessions - afternoon

Session 7

Starting e-commerce
Petter Magnusson CEO of Klippan Yllefabrik will highlight his journey to start a direct to consumer e-commerce channel and his learnings.

Session 8

Turn a Passion to Sales

It is one thing to have a passion and another to build a business out of it. Mats has done just that and more. Listen to how he works and the importance of side gigs for all of us. Note, 17th Jan on zoom in Swedish (see bonus).

Session 9

Buying Digital Services
You cannot do everything yourself. But how do you buy Digital services and who can you trust? These are two of the key parts that Kajsa will highlight in this instructive session.

Session 10

Making Digital Work
Some succeed with selling online and some don't. While there is never a guarantee there are both learnings we can all take on board and pitfalls we can all avoid.

Session 11

Getting Support
There is a lot of support out there for businesses and their owners. In this session Givi will highlight some of these including Region Skane and ALMI.

Session 12

Using Support
In this session we will highlight a few cases that have used support in different ways including Salam from SARomics and Gunnel from MBTskor.

Organisers and Speakers

Daniel Sällberg

Daniel, privacy lawyer, CEO and founder of GDPR Hero, is passionate about making data protection legislation more accessible and helping companies see the positive potential, and not just the cost, in every assignment. With new legal methods and digital tools, he sees an opportunity for both large and small companies to make privacy compliance a competitive advantage, by working more efficiently and positioning the organization as a frontrunner in privacy rights.

Gunnel Smedstad, CEO
MBTskor Sverige

The owner and CEO of MBTskor Sverige, the licence holder for MBT in Sweden. Board member of other businesses and founder of several direct to consumer businesses. Gunnel has taken control of e-commerce and also applied it to other businesses with mass implementation and testing ideas. One of the best customer satisfaction results ever seen.

Salam Al Karadaghi, Founder
SARomics Biostructures

Salam is one of the Founders of Saromics Biostructures, a research-intensive contract research organization based in Madicon Village, Lund. Saromics has gotten involved with Almi Skåne to reach new customers to get support for expanding. Salam will share his experiences from getting help for Digitalization, Marketing, and Sales, essential areas that need special attention when business expansion is in focus.

Cecilia Alatalo, Founder

Passion/business idea: Making large women feel good about themselves and lead busy, important and happy lives.

Now: Business and brand owner, designer of clothes. In e-commerce since 2013. 

Background: Business, people and product development. Leadership positions with IKEA of Sweden Älmhult, XXXLutz KG Wels. 

Petter Magnusson, CEO
Klippan Yllefabrik

Klippan Yllefabrik är ett familjeägt företag med över 100 år på nacken. Under läng tid har man sålt sina berömda plädar och filtar i ull via återförsäljare men sedan ett år tillbaka driver man också en onlinebutik. Petter kommer att berätta om sina erfarenheter kring att börja sälja online för en redan väl etablerad verksamhet.

Julianne Ahlesten

Julianne, privacy lawyer and co-owner of GDPR Hero, is a driven project manager who leads the development of our digital GDPR tool. With a background in equestrian sports, she knows how to take on tough challenges and with great enthusiasm she helps  organisations get started with new ways of thinking and working methods to comply with the data protection legislation.

Mats Green, Founder
Lilla Rökeriet

En passionerad fiskare(Flugfiske) och med stort matlagningsintresse som startat företag för att också arbeta med det som till en början var en hobby. Nu har han startat en webbshop där han säljer rökskåp och tillbehör och även säljer via återförsäljare. Men vägen dit har inte varit enkel. Hur man kommer igång och gör ett företag av sin passion.

Givi Kokaia, CEO

Givi is a senior consultant and CEO of Kunskapspartner. He will share his experience on getting help and support for businesses in the Region as well as outlining the supports available.

Jason Heir, Founder


Jason helps clients see their data in a way that they understand so they can get answers to their questions, collaboratively. 

Kajsa Nordstrom, Director
Digital Scorecard

Kajsa has a  background as Marketing Director and Management Consultant. During the past 15 years she has worked extensively with digital marketing as well as managing agency relationships. Her focus is to increase leads and sales for her clients using both online and offline advertising as well as structuring the lead management together with a sales team and turning leads into customers and referrals.

Edward Nugent, Founder
Digital Scorecard

Edward is the founder of several direct to consumer online businesses in Europe. He has bought online advertising for over €1,000,000 of his own money. In short, over the last few years he has advised others on designing their business for a digital world. Before that designing and building systems for other businesses. It all started prior to this with building his own businesses and understanding the role of digital.

Something to say

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Digital Scorecard
The Organiser

We work in Ireland, Sweden and the UK. This Summit is built on having run seminars with over 2,500 attendees and workshops with over 300 companies i
n Sweden. Many of those that are or have been working with Digital Scorecard are involved in this Summit and you are welcome to join in their success.

The Summit Schedule

14th Nov 2023

Morning Sessions

09:00 Coffee and Mingle

Welcome and Introductions
Our Summit kicks off.

Taking Control of E-commerce
- Gunnel Smedstad - MBTskor Sverige, H

Leveraging Digital Events & using GDPR for Business
- Julianne Ahlesten / Daniel Sällberg- GDPR Hero, Lund

Data Visualisation for e-commerce
TBC - Jason Heir - Roelto, UK

Takeaways and Learnings

10:55 Coffee break

Connecting with your tribe including using email for sales
- Cecilia Alatalo - AliceDot, Malmö

Getting Leads and Sales with Survey Funnels*

Build a System for Sales
- Edward Nugent - Digital Scorecard, Dublin

Takeaways and Learnings

12:30 Lunch break

The exact schedule and speaker lineup may change

Afternoon Sessions

Guest Speaker
- Gabe Stein - Ingka Group (IKEA Retail)

Starting a Direct to Consumer Sales Channel (D2C)
- Petter Magnusson - Klippan Yllefabrik, Klippan

Buying Digital Services
- Kajsa Nordström - Digital Scorecard

Takeaways and Learnings

14:50 Coffee break

Making Digital Work
- Edward - our learnings

Getting Support

- Supports for businesses in Skane Givi Kokaia from Kunskapspartner

Using support to get results

- Salam Al Karadaghi - SARomics, Lund

- Gunnel Smedstad - MBTskor - MBTskor Sverige, Höör

Roundtable & Wrap-up

- All Speakers


Closing Thoughts
Highlights and key takeaways from Summit 2023

Speakers plan to remain until 18:00.


It is too expensive

While we do realise that 2,000kr is a real cost it is best seen as an investment not just in your business but in you. By the end of the Summit you will have met many new people but more importantly will be more inspired to take your business to the next level. The day is designed to give you a chance to discuss and find out how you can use in your business what others are doing. This alone will save you a great deal of time and money. Can you save 66kr per day for the next month? If so then you can afford to attend this summit.

If you have a genuine problem paying to attend but would really like to do so, get in touch and we will see how we can help.

Is it worth a full day?

As many of you who know us will know, working on your business is more important than working in it, at least if you want to make it a success and scale it. This is a day that you will invest in your business. You will come back to your daily business with more ideas and actions to try than ever before. If you do not see a result within a month, let us know and we will see how we can help.

Is there is guarantee?

Yes. If on the day by lunchtime you do not feel it was worth the money, just let us know and leave. You will get a FULL refund.

Is my ticket refundable?

All tickets are 100% refundable within 30 days of the event. If you'd like to get a refund for your ticket(s) just let us know and we will fix it.

How can I pay?

You can by invoice or credit card. You will see both options on the page - any issues just get in touch.


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